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HRA Administration

HRA Plan Design Flexibility

A Healthcare Reimbursment Arrangement (HRA) is a powerful tool to deliver benefits to employees. HRAs have nearly unlimited plan design flexibility. HRAs allow employers to realize premium savings with very high deductible plans while maintaining robust coverage for employees and their families. RedQuote HRA Administration will accomodate most any plan design. Furthermore, when paired with an FSA or an HSA on a single debit card, employees benefit from the simplicity provided with a one stop solution provider like RedQuote.


  • Compliant plan documents
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Summary plan descriptions
  • 5500 Filing
  • COBRA Notifications (with the purchase of RedQuote COBRA adminitration)

Employer Portal

The Employer Portal is a HIPAA-compliant, user-rights based live interface that empowers HR staff with secure access to everything you need, such as reports, employee data, imports and automatically generated alerts, notifications, and statements.

  • Employee Management: Online lookup helps employers respond to employees’ questions and issues
  • Enrollment and Eligibility Management: Enroll, update enrollment and change employees’ employment status
  • Account Funding & Contribution Management: ACH funding, file-based contribution submission and recurring contribution processing
  • Robust Reporting : automatically scheduled as well as on-demand reports at your fingertips, to run in PDF or Excel

Consumer Experience | 24x7 Access

  • RedQuote mobile app
  • View all account balances, history and transaction detail
  • Complete transactions, such as request claim reimbursements, online bill-pay, distributions to their own bank accounts and e-contribute to their HSA plan
  • Manage personal information and communication options: View/Update personal data, sign up for and manage direct deposit and card status, sign up for text and e-mail communications
  • Consumer dashboard. Consolidate all out-of-pocket expenses, view claims and debit card transactions, and set up bill pay distributions