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Plans That Benefit Employees

What We Do

We started out as a broker of group medical plans to large employers. As we built our business, we started handling COBRA administration for many of the employers we served. Through our outreach to newly eligible COBRA beneficiaries, we saw an opportunity to do something no one else was.  We began using those outreach opportunities in a new way - as another tool to manage health insurance plan risk. The evolution to RedQuote was natural. Our clients started asking for HRA and FSA Administration, as well, which led to Health Savings Accounts that are integrated with our HRA and FSA plans using a single debit card. As we combine all of this with our passion for helping individuals find their best health insurance, we are proud to offer- in the words of one of our clients- a "one stop shop."

RedQuote really is a "one stop shop."

COBRA Administration

Redquote is more than just a COBRA administrator. We specialize in helping individuals find the right health insurance coverage. This serves the individual while helping our customers lower the claims on their group health insurance plan; a win-win from all sides.

HRA Administration

Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA's) provide fantastic flexibility and cost savings for employers who are looking to manage costs while delivering robust benefits to employees. RedQuote offers multiple plan design options and debit card point-of-sale convenience, all with fully HIPAA-compliant plan administration.

FSA Administration

Flexible Spending Acccounts deliver tax savings to employees at a low cost to employers. Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts and Commuter Benefit Plans are all offered by RedQuote.

Individual and Medicare Plans

We offer to care for not only our employer clients, but many of the individuals who interact with our products. We take the confusion out of health insurance and Medicare.