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COBRA Outreach

RedQuote removes the confusion from health insurance

RedQuote is unique among COBRA Administrators in that we reach out by telephone to all newly eligible COBRA beneficiaries. This outreach serves two purposes:

  1. It lowers the COBRA participation rate for our employers. COBRA participants typically generate 3x more claims dollars than active employees. For experience-rated and self-insured groups, even moving just one beneficiary to an appropriate individual or Medicare plan can save an employer hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  2. We help eligible COBRA beneficiaries with direct, personal and professional advice so they can choose their best path forward. Our outreach agents never pressure an individual towards a particular path. We believe that information and expertise are powerful. We also believe that COBRA coverage in some cases is the most appropriate option. We love helping people!

We aspire to be more than just another COBRA Administrator. Health insurance is complex and personal. Our process is simple and effective, helping people understand their options and find the best plan for them.